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Moments of brilliance

By June 13, 2015June 7th, 2020Case Study

Great case histories always have a moment of brilliance that’s clearly defined. Like in a detective story, they have a precise motive, an instrument, a time and a place. When Michelle Mone OBE talks about where she got the idea for her push up bras from, she tells an amazingly detailed story.
Listening to her talk on Radio 4 today, she explains how she was at a dinner dance with an uncomfortable push up bra. So uncomfortable, in fact, that she had to go in to the ladies toilet to take it off. And while doing that, she decided it was time to create something that worked for women who wanted cleavage.
So if you’re trying to write or interview for a great case history, see if you can establish the exact motive, instrument time and place of the moment of brilliance. It will make your story a whole lot more sexy.