From a to b. A simple brief




What is the commercial, social or national situation (the wider context in which the problem is situated)?​


Who are we talking to?
Who is our target? If there are more than one, pick no more than 3 and map them out individually.

What is the situation of our target audience? ​

Audience Problem we need to solve

Where is our audience now relative to the situation? What do our target audience think, feel and do in relation to this situation/problem (a)​ at the moment?

Where would we like them to be? What do we want them to think, feel and do in the future? (b) ​

What change in behavior do we need to achieve (eg stop X and do Y).​

Our offer/proposition 

What offer suggestion or thought might get them from (a) to (b)? The rational appeal


Inspiring principle (the insight) 

What’s the human insight that is a short cut route to success? What’s the perfect think, feel and do state in our dream scenario? The emotional appeal.


Call to action

What do we want the target audience to do first?



Old Spice

Business context 

Old spice practically invented body wash for men but as the category has grown the competition has heated up and business slowed.

With business slowing the product is in need of boost.

Women were making more than half of all body wash purchases so we have decided to target men and more unusually their ladies for the very first time.

We need to get couples to have a conversation about body wash.

In particular, how can we get women to stop buying lady scented products for their guys? And choose old spice instead.

Who are we talking to and what is their problem?

Women first and their partners second who want to keep their man clean and groomed.

The solution to their problem, the proposition

Your man could be more attractive and manly

Customer insight:

Women want their man to try harder in general not just in the bathroom.

Call to action: Stop using lady scented bodywash.

Media: Superbowl etc.

Appendix: Anything else that isn’t part of this story but is useful to know.