Video & consultancy projects

Apart from training writing Gideon Todes also creates content for a wide variety of clients and projects, especially B2B ones. The three videos below were recent projects for an event production company which wanted to show its breadth of activities.

EMS Events

Getting women into construction and engineering is a priority for many organisations.  One of the best ways to achieve this is with an awards event.  The brainchild of Afi Orfori, WiCE awards has been running for over a decade and EMS Events has provided the audio visual production throughout that time.

How do you help councils like Southwark to make sure everyone can read their ballot papers? EMS Events provides lighting on the day of every mayoral and national election so people with less than perfect eyesight can read whom they are voting for.

Creating conferences anywhere, and not just hotel ballrooms.  A topping out ceremony is where the construction company hands over to the next part of the construction, and the event is marked at the top of the building. Not an easy place to host an event but EMS Events is happy to assist.

Explaining complex things

Putting complex concepts into simple pieces of communication is increasingly important in a tech dominated world. This video below was for SES Astra satellites, to explain geostationary orbits.

A selection of work for various companies. From Sainsbury’s, to a launch of a blockchain company Powerledger. Powerledger raised $14 million for its launch with some help from this campaign. Earn money while other’s sleep was a line created to sell a new type of hotel room as an investible asset.

100 objects museum exhibition was created with Dawn Austwick and a curator JD Hill as a way of explaining what the British Museum does without using the word ‘culture’.

Below, the launch TV campaign for the Fiat Coupe which sold out in the first few months of its launch.