Welcome to the Copy Course

Writing skills / Strategy / Creative techniques


Welcome to the Copycourse

Writing skills / Strategy / Creative techniques


Can you be persuasive in writing?

What we do

Do you find writing in an engaging way a tough thing to do?

Whether it’s an ad for a publication, a blog or a proposal many people and the teams they lead, spend ages sweating over it.

But The Copycourse can help. It’s a new way of teaching the creative writing skills that advertising copywriters use, with an emphasis on story line, and how to structure the thinking.

Designed by professional copywriters, it gives you a simple toolkit that frees you up to think in a clearer, more inspired way, whatever you happen to be writing.

Not only will you be able to persuade with your writing, putting ideas into words will become a whole lot more enjoyable to do.

Does your organisation find writing difficult?


Just as individuals can make heavy weather of writing, corporations can do exactly the same thing.

Many organisations are home to long, impenetrable documents, which no one, sometimes not even the author, can actually fathom.

These are produced by large groups and committees who have somehow managed to kill off any discernible meaning from the text.

This doesn’t happen by accident. And the problem won’t go away by itself. Even if you replaced half the writers involved.

The Copycourse is about training the people involved not only to become better writers but to support their work places in becoming fully literate organisations.