Dear Miss Glavin,

My mum always tells me that vegetables give you all the vitamins and nutrients that are good for my growth. But in my biology book it says that vegetables lose all of the good vitamins if they are overcooked.

So I was wondering if we could have them less cooked please?

Especially when they’re so much nicer when they’re not mushy. Then we’d eat them all up.

Not only will food be more enjoyable, there would be less waste, and we’ll all grow into tall strapping lads, as my granddad always says. And our school basketball team could use some taller players.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

No Mushy Peas, Please

As every schoolchild knows, vegetables are good for one’s growth.
But how much of the nutrients in our school dinners is wasted by overcooking?
That’s the question Caroline Cardon put to her dinner lady last week with a request that she make the greens a little less mushy.
The 8 year old also asked Jamie Oliver for his support and now Brent Council are looking into the matter.
Caroline says if she can’t get proper vegetables, her next stop will be 10 Downing Street. She says she’d like the school to change its cooking so she can be as tall as her mummy and granny.
We wish her the best of luck.
And that’s about all