Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves

Sherman Tank by Amazon.

How well can you write a simple report? Just use the structure we’ve discussed, pick a Mr Man or Little Miss and a vehicle you want to test them on. Then write the report. Pass Fail or with restrictions.

Example answer by Gideon


Mr Lazy and the tank


Now that more and more military vehicles are being sold to the members of the public we were particularly interested find out what the safety issues and liabilities involved were. We sent our Chief Inspector to find out.


Would Mr Lazy handle the unfamiliar military hardware safely?


Did all the ammo checks well. Checked when reversing as there’s no mirror on the tank. ‘Forgot’ to pop out of turret to deliver hand signal. Actually said he couldn’t be bothered.


We could be liable for running over a cyclist not to mention many other road users during left turns.

Insight. Mr Lazy said he’d tried to get modifications done but metal too thick to drill new lights into. Maybe we need to think about more official modification certification in future as this could be a good source of revenue. We might need to think about attitudinal issues for Mr Lazy and others.


Mr Lazy given permit to drive for one year on condition indicators are installed next year.