1st hall of fame entrant in fiction category. By Tom in Swindon. See instructions for this exercise


Mr Fussie has applied for a license to set up a mobile ice-cream vending business.


Will Mr Fussie operate the vehicle safely and maintain food hygiene standards?


Mr Fussie is extremely particular about everything he does. He takes adherence to rules very seriously and has already drawn up detailed checklists and timetables for all necessary checks.


Mr Fussie has demonstrated that he will manage all compliance risks effectively, following the rules of the road, ensuring the volume of his ice-cream van jingle does not breach residential area volume limits, and maintaining food hygiene standards for the ice-cream and serving equipment.


Mr Fussie has a fixed view of right and wrong and very little tolerance for those who do not think as he does. The choices of ice-cream he is prepared to stock are extremely limited and from our interactions with him we do not believe he is likely to provide good customer service if people ask for flavour combinations he does not agree with. He is also unlikely to be sympathetic in the way he handles complaints.


Mr Fussie should be given a license to operate a mobile ice-cream vending business.

In addition, we advise that Mr Fussie is sent on customer-service ‘soft skills’ training before the launch of his venture.

End of submission