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One of the simplest types of ideas to pull apart are those without a proposition underneath them. And Banksy is a master of ideas for their own sake. Let’s take a closer look.

Start with a really strong visual item with its own very clear value set. This image is about violence, rebellion, unrest, protest, anti-authority etc.

What are we expecting the image to have as a projectile? Could be any in the set of violent, riot-worthy objects that are hand-held. In the larger set are burning cars and smashed windows. But hand grendade bottle and brick are all roughly the same size and emotive value.

Inverting the value gives you another set of objects. Things associated with fluffy love and appreciation.

Any of the fluffy love and appreciaton set could be here, but the one that works best looks a bit like a molotov cocktail and is most easily recognisable from its shape.

Et voila, the finished bansky idea with a bit of colour contrast to help it along. There is no real proposition in a Banksy so in some ways its the simplest form of idea to pull apart.