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We’ve all been there. And the other place

By March 17, 2015March 17th, 2020Uncategorized

I’m always telling participants on the Copycourse that change is the key making a piece of writing interesting. Yet this cute little film keeps doing the opposite; It’s a story about keeping the bear in the same place.
So how come it’s so entertaining?
Well, for one the expectation for anyone who stands in a queue is to move forward. So the film turns our expectation of moving forward in a queue upside down. It plays with how we see the world.
And it keeps doing it in different ways.
All the while it’s saying something deeper about trying to get ahead: that it comes at the price of frustration.
As William Goldman said about screenwriting, give the audience what they expect, not in a way but not in the way that they expect it.
No wonder it got four thousand likes and counting.